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We understand that not every student thrives in a classroom environment. In your salon you are in your element, you know your craft. You have confidence. Training courses however, are perhaps a little scary; you don’t have the knowledge yet, you are stepping into the unknown, out of your comfort zone with people you don’t know. Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Although we firmly believe that practical skills are best learnt in a practical environment, we understand the roadblock that mental health or other factors can have on progressing your career. This is why we have adapted our training courses for online learning, where you can learn at your own pace, complete all the same modules and receive a Habia approved certificate at the end. We’ve added specialist content to aid in completing the course, and offer one to one support throughout via the training portal. Courses include a full starter kit, that is shipped to you upon purchase of your chosen course. Everyone deserves to learn to a high standard, and nothing should stand in your way.

Why this course?

We'll set you apart with the most exclusive, skilled hair extension application method available

  • We protect your craft and the industry by only training NVQ qualified Stylists

  • Suitable for more hair types than any other method.

  • Full control over bond size, texture and colour blends.

  • Kinder to the hair than other methods, using our gentle specially formulated extensions resin.

  • Lightweight and comfortable in the hair.

  • Expand your client base by offering your services to more clients than was possible with other methods.

  • Habia approved course with certificate on completion.

  • FHA approved Course

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Fusion Bonded Hair Extensions Course

Learn the most exclusive, skilled and versatile method in the industry.

Fusion bonded hair extensions are the most skilled and versatile method of application (NOT to be confused with pre-bonded). Applied with specialist resin sticks through an applicator, these extensions are suitable for more hair types that any other method. You have full control over bond size, colour blend, placement, length, texture and client comfort. You will be able to offer your services to more clients than before, catering to those who want long thick hair, and also those suffering from hair loss and thinning. Our courses are Habia approved, giving you a great skill and a certificate to prove it. Not a one day fix, but a new skill learnt properly to the highest standard.
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Your Instructor

Director of Education

Jenna McNamara SRSH

Jenna is a state registered senior hairdresser and educator, and has been a part of the hair extensions industry for over 20 years. Having taught all over the UK and Ireland, she now offers bespoke training in person and online to help to regulate the industry by providing a high standard of education to qualified stylists, and offering up her industry knowledge to others at events and online.